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Twittering the Innovative Ideas Forum 2009

I have created a word cloud of the last session’s Twitter backstory from the National Library of Australia’s fourth annual Innovative Ideas Forum, 2009. Which was TOTALLY MY idea.


IIF 2009:

Social networking at the IIF2009:

Innovative Ideas Forum 2009

This year’s Innovative Ideas Forum, hosted by the National Library of Australia, is focusing on “The value and significance of social networking for cultural institutions”.

The NLA is tackling this idea head on by encouraging delegates to participate in some social networking of their own. Content from delegates who tag their blog posts, presentations, photos etc with the tag iif2009, and Twitterers who utilise #iif2009 in their tweets will be aggregated and made available as part of Innovative Ideas Forum’s website. If you can’t make it, you can follow all of the action via the aggregated information stream here.

Power to the people!

As some of you might be aware, the National Library of Australia has been undertaking a huge newspaper digitisation project. Whilst OCR software has come a long way in providing access to these texts, nothing is perfect. It is, in fact, users of this material that are making the outputted OCR text even better by providing feedback and correcting the OCR transcriptions as they go. The Australian Newspaper Digitisation Program states that “Users have corrected over 2 million lines of electronic text in over 100,000 articles. Over 46,000 tags have been added to articles and many comments about information in articles added.”

There is an article in the latest issue of D-Lib Magazine by Rose Holley, the Manager of the Australian Newspaper Digitisation Program, that covers this in more detail.

Libraries Australia on Ning

Libraries Australia subscribers are being invited to join a new Libraries Australia community on the social networking site Ning. The Libraries Australia community will provide a place to facilitate user discussion about Libraries Australia. Membership of the community is by invitation only.

“Are you interested in promoting discussion about Libraries Australia? Do you often find you have an idea about Libraries Australia that you would like to share with your colleagues? Do you enjoy participating in online library communities?
Libraries Australia has launched a social network using the Ning Platform and we would like to extend an invitation to you to help us build a body of content of interest to all members of Libraries Australia.  Some topics of interest to Libraries Australia users are already there just waiting for your input – the Future of the Libraries Australia Forum, the LAAC papers, MARC nitty-gritty and Search Tips to name a few. Any Libraries Australia subscriber can propose new topics. We hope you will use Ning to strengthen our community, ask questions, make a comment about Libraries Australia or simply connect with colleagues facing the same issues.
Of course, we will continue to use our email discussion lists for formal Libraries Australia communication.
Anyone interested in joining should simply send an email request to the  Libraries Australia Helpdesk and we will ‘invite’ you to join, and forward our guidelines for use. While Libraries Australia will view the content in order to respond to questions, we will not moderate the discussion unless the guidelines for use are breached.
If you would like further information about Ning you can find it here . Of particular importance is section 14 – Acceptable Use and Conduct for users of Ning.
We look forward to hearing that you would like to join and then to your contributions and lots of stimulating discussion.”

The previous message (in a slightly fuller form) was originally posted to the LibrariesAustralia-L and LibrariesAustraliaDocDel-L electronic lists. Libraries Australia users can join either of these discussion lists on the Libraries Australia website. Thanks to Laurel Paton for kind permission to repost.