On motivation

What drives people in the workplace? Is it really all about the money? What about the bigger picture? How about playing a role in something larger than yourself? Or the smaller picture? Doing something that you actually enjoy. How do these things fit together? Find out


ALIA Access 2010

Look what’s new at the forthcoming ALIA Access 2010 conference in September.

•Multi-sector conference (including public, health, specials, TAFE, new generation professionals)

•Program streams include interlibrary lending, LIS education, acquisitions, library leadership, information literacy

•Live video streaming for some sessions

•No plenary speakers

•Conference dinner voucher for local restaurants

•Bring-your-own satchel

•Complimentary Wireless Broadband Internet for all attendees and exhibitors

See that above, bring your own satchel, which is a polite term I am sure for – No free bag. What is the library world coming to when you can’t get an ugly free conference bag, where the strap fails after 2 weeks. I’m so not going now.
To find out more here’s the blog.

And here’s some suggestions for them.
Or maybe I shall just go buy my own, which will totally show them. Except I need to buy a minumum of 30, does anyone else want to go in on this?

More on Facebook privacy

What is all this hullabaloo over Facebook and privacy? Want to find out? Hear from the people on the inside (including Chris Cox, Facebook’s vice president), as well as a few tech experts. You can watch the full interview which appeared on PBS, read the transcript, or even listen to the MP3.

Google newspaper search

You do know that there are other Libraries doing newspaper digitisation work, especially the British Library, but our friends Google also have a large amount of digitised newspapers available for searching. They have been digitising for 2 years now and have a strong collection of US newspapers but have many from all over the world as well.
There is one drawback, there does not appear to be a list of the newspapers digitised. But anyway check out the service at: http://news.google.com/archivesearch

Here is an interesting little thing from The Age of 1963.

Note the wages!

NLA at Senate Estimates

Proof Committee Hansard
(Budget Estimates)
TUESDAY, 25 MAY 2010

CHAIR—I do not think there are any further questions. Thank you very much, Mr Froud. We now move to
the National Library.
[8.42 pm]
National Library of Australia
Senator FISHER—Your KPIs, please? How are you going?
Ms Fullerton—In general we are on track to meet our KPIs. We feel there is no area of major concern.
Senator FISHER—On notice, can you please give me more information. You feel there is no concern, but
on notice can you give me more information as to what you have achieved in terms of delivering your KPIs as
enumerated in the budget statements.
Ms Fullerton—Certainly.
Senator FISHER—Thank you. Ms Fullerton, I think it was budget estimates last year when you talked
about the new gallery that you were in the process of building. How is the building going and are you on time
and on budget?
Ms Fullerton—We are. I will let my colleague Mr Linehan answer that question.
Mr Linehan—Yes, we remain on track and within budget. We hope to have it ready towards the end of
Senator FISHER—What is the final budget?
Mr Linehan—We are still working on a budget of under $10 million—what we identified at the last
Senator FISHER—What is happening with your staffing levels for next year?
Ms Fullerton—There is a slight reduction in our staffing, mainly due to completion of one-off projects or
projects that are funded with off-budget money.
Senator FISHER—Has that not been a result of the efficiency dividend?
Ms Fullerton—The efficiency dividend does have an effect on us. Our budget is reduced by between
$600,000 and $700,000 as a result of the efficiency dividend. We do plan for that in our year’s operations to
ensure that it has the least effect.
CHAIR—I do not think Senator Lundy, who unfortunately cannot be here tonight, would forgive me if I
did not ask how the digitisation program is going.
Ms Fullerton—Exceptionally well. The National Library has massive online use. Our collection is largely
used online now, although very heavily used in the National Library as well. We have use of the order of 160
million page views a year on our website.
CHAIR—Is the program complete or are you still—
Ms Fullerton—It will never be complete. No, we move to do more of our business online because it
enables a much wider audience to be able to have access to our collections.
CHAIR—Do you also have social networking site access?
Ms Fullerton—Social networking is a very large and successful part of the National Library’s online
operations. We are often cited as a model for how you engage the community in activities. Our digitised
newspapers are an example of that where the community has corrected millions and millions of lines of text.
CHAIR—Thank you very much for appearing before us.
[8.46 pm]

Library Hotel

Thinking of somewhere to stay in New York, of course you are. Why not consider the Library Hotel where you can choose your room according to the Dewey Decimal System.

I suppose it will have to do until we get the much promised but never actually appearing Libraryland theme park.

In the meantime, check out this site