2 sites worth watching

Two websites worth looking at.

1.  Government 2.0 Taskforce http://gov2.net.au/

“In particular the Taskforce will also identify policies and frameworks to assist the Information Commissioner and other agencies in:

  • developing and managing a whole of government information publication scheme to encourage greater disclosure of public sector information;
  • extending opportunities for the reuse of government information, and considering the terms of that use, to maximise the beneficial flow of that information and facilitate productive applications of government information to the greatest possible extent;
  • encouraging effective online innovation, consultation and engagement by government, including by drawing on the lessons of the Government’s online consultation trials and any initiatives undertaken by the Taskforce.”

2.  UK Web Archive Technology Watch http://britishlibrary.typepad.co.uk/ukwebarchive_techwatch/

“This blog is the first stage in providing a monitoring function – otherwise known in digital preservation circles as a ‘technology watch’ – to keep track of changes to technology that supports use of material in the web archive. It is maintained by British Library staff in the Digital Preservation Team and Web Archiving Programme, and is made public so that others with an interest in tracking changes to technology for preservation purposes may benefit from the information recorded here.”