Jumping on the DRM free bandwagon

If you’re a consumer of ebooks, you’ll be pleased to know that some publishers are now ditching DRM (Digital Rights Management) on their books.

Tor online store

The Tor online store proudly displays its intent to go DRM free

Tor/Forge Books in the US and Momentum (an imprint of Australia’s Pan Macmillan), have both recently announced that they no longer intend to restrict the use of their ebooks using DRM.

‘The problem,’ said Joel Naoum, Momentum’s publisher, ‘is that DRM restricts users from legitimate copying – such as between different e-reading devices. We feel strongly that Momentum’s goal is to make books as accessible as possible. Dropping these restrictions is in line with that goal.’

Speaking at Tor/Forge Books announcement, Charles Stross noted that

[restricting a consumer’s use of their purchase] “is at the heart of customer resentment against DRM: once you buy a hardback you are free to do whatever you like with it — read it, lend it, or sell it on…but…DRM e-Books don’t work like that.”

Tor/Forge plans to begin selling DRM free ebooks by July, Momentum by early August 2012.


National Simultaneous Storytime

There are lots of events happening as part of Library & Information Week and tomorrow is National Simultaneous Storytime. This year’s title is The very cranky bear by Nick Bland. ALIA have a range of resources on their website to support NSS, including the AUSLAN version (below) of the story being read. If you’d like to get involved, you can find your nearest storytime location in the Australia wide list here.

Secure your library

How secure is your library? It’s not something you might normally pay a lot of attention to in your work during the day, but the good folks over at American Libraries have roped in Warren Graham, author of The black belt librarian : real-world safety & security, to give some pointers about security in the library. Whether you want to make sure your collection items or personal belongings are safe or to ensure your own personal safety or that of your patrons, Warren Graham is on the case.

Some of my favourite tips from Graham include:

  • Bathrooms should be where staff can see people entering, not in vestibules. Bathrooms may become a spot for drug dealing or worse when doors are not visible to staff. Even better, design bathrooms with open entries.
  • Teen areas should be supervised and open to view. Unwatched teens will get rowdy.
  • “Watch nooks and crannies.” That’s where experienced criminals go every time, he said.

For good measure, you might also want to:

  • Keep your building clean. Trashy buildings attract trashy characters.

Happy Library Lovers Day!

May you all find lovely things at your library this Library Lovers Day.

Library Lovers Day

And don’t forget to get involved with the National Year of Reading which will also be launched today at the National Library of Australia. There are lots of things that you can get involved with right around the country – don’t miss out!

Want to know more about the VIAF?

The Virtual International Authority File (VIAF) is a pretty handy resource for comparing authority data from multiple international sources. A recent webinar “show and tell” highlights how some of VIAF’s current users are making the most of the data available. If you’re interested, the recording – which goes for just over an hour – of the webinar is freely available from OCLC and iTunes. The accompanying slides are also available.

2012 National Year of Reading – ACT Ambassadors announced

Canberrans from all walks of life are already getting excited about 2012’s National Year of Reading – and who could blame them? Libraries ACT recently revealed the ambassadors for the ACT, which includes politicians (Chief Minister Katy Gallagher, Simon Corbell and Kate Lundy), authors (Jackie French, Marion Halligan), people in the media (Louise Maher, Mark Carmody) and a host of sportspeople, including the entirety of the Canberra Roller Derby League who had the following to say:

Any future derby girl or referee worth their skates has to first cut their teeth on 35 pages of essential rules reading before they can even think about hitting the flat track. At CRDL we believe that reading is one of the most enjoyable and essential skills for children and adults to learn, love and embrace.

Ambassadors from the Canberra Roller Derby League with ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher

Ambassadors from the Canberra Roller Derby League with ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher via Libraries ACT on Flickr (for bonus points, pick which Roller Girl is also a librarian!)

I couldn’t have put it better myself. Make sure you check out the full list of national and state ambassadors and get involved with your local community in 2012 to spread the love of reading!