Google new search thingy

Are you excited about the new Google social search function +1.

It’s a way of ‘liking’ things on the web that others can see in their search results.

You need to have a public Google profile first.

It’s in experimental beta stage at the moment, and I can’t see the + option in my search results yet, so I can’t tell of its potential usefulness. However, just because someone else recommends something on the Internet doesn’t mean it’s good, they could be idiots, there are so many variables on this.


ALIA Library and Information week 2011

Get your headstart now for Library and Information Week 2011 (which runs 23-29 May) and check out the resources available for you to use on the ALIA website to  help promote your library. The theme this year: We find stuff!

We find stuff!

Library and Information Week 2011 logo from ALIA

What activities will you be planning to highlight the many and varied ways that library users can find stuff in your library? ALIA has a few helpful suggestions to highlight what it is that you do that helps users find stuff:

We catalogue stuff!
We look up stuff!
We research stuff!
We know stuff!

What other things will you be adding to your lists?

And what will you be doing to celebrate the events that are taking place over the course of the week? Events for this year include National Library Technicians Day (Tuesday 24 May), National Simultaneous Storytime (Wednesday 25 May- further resources are available for the National Simultaneous Storytime event via the website) and Libraries celebrate Cancer Council’s Biggest Morning Tea (Thursday 26 May).

Life as a library technician

The latest issue of Associates : the electronic library support staff journal is now available and features a nice profile on Jennifer Dyer who is a library technician for Birrong Girls High School and the current convener of ALIA’s NSW Library Technicians Group.

Jennifer’s article serves to highlight just how diverse and rewarding a career as a library technician can be. As Jennifer sees it,

A Library Technician is a very rewarding career. My colleagues and professional association members have given me so many wonderful opportunities and I hope that those reading this article will reflect on their own learning and experiences and ‘Reach for the Stars’ (our school motto) as I am always trying to do.


LIS educators shock news!

A new study has found ‘shockingly’ that LIS educators are pretty much just the same as LIS workers, e.g. female and ageing.

Thank heavens we found that out.

This discussion paper has presented the preliminary results of a study aimed at establishing a more holistic profile and understanding of Australia’s information educators. Even the small snapshot provided here clearly illustrates that change is needed. Australian educators are ageing and this is a significant issue facing the future of the profession. Now is the time for action. Further analysis of the data will continue and be disseminated over time. This study is only one of several that are occurring within the research project Re-conceptualising and re-positioning Australian library and information science education for the twenty-first century.

Another airport library

Last year we mentioned the first airport library now we have another at the Taiwan Taoyuan Airport

It’s called an e-library and has been hailed as the first airport e-library, but it does have paper books too (apparently second hand ones though).

According to this article, however, the first airport library was actually in Nashville in 1962.

But wherever and whenever they opened, they are still a good thing and hopefully more will appear.


Image from World Interior Design Network

Screen Reading

Do you need a screen reader?

NVDA is Australian, free and open source, and this month is sourceforge’s project of the month

You can download the application to your computer and it will screen read with spoken or braille outputs. It even comes with a portable version, which you can keep on a memory stick and plug in anywhere you need to.

Why not put it on your public library terminals?

It’s Windows only! but honestly isn’t that good thing.