Colour coded bookshelves

There is a generic urban-myth type story that every librarian has heard, about the patron who is looking for a book, and who knows nothing of the author or title but knows that the cover was a certain colour.

Well, in a library that used this type of classification system, no problem.

On the spine label I would suggest instead of the Dewey or LC number that we could use the Hex Colors system used for the web. So that for instance if I wanted a book in a particularly nice pink I would look under #FF 69 B4

color coded bookshelves

BTW, did you know you can search Google images on a particular colour (see below) but as yet you cannot search Google books for colours, this no doubt will come.

pink images in ff 69 b6


3 thoughts on “Colour coded bookshelves

  1. Urban legend? I get that one about once a year, even did it myself once as a student. Trouble is the colour memory often seems to be of the book’s after-image, like blue turns out to be red. đŸ™‚

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