How satisfied are you with your library job?

Library Journal has just published the results of its latest US library worker job satisfaction survey (the last one was in 2007). There have been a few changes in that time – slight pay differences, the falling belief in job advancement opportunities etc – the majority of respondents stated that they were overall satisfied with their jobs within the profession.

Job satisfaction survey results 2011

Job satisfaction survey results 2011, via Library Journal

Further results from the survey can be found here.


What did your 2010 look like?

Google has the answer, at least in the form of what people wanted to find out more about, in their annual year in review – the Google zeitgeist. The Google zeitgeist 2010 website has a few nifty gadgets you might want to have a play with that let you narrow down the most searched for results by region and includes a timeline which graphs by global event as well as a range of statistics (in comparison to last year).

The “State” of social networking

Social networking has become a part of a large proportion of many people’s lives. It allows them to stay connected to the people they care about, stay up to date and hear news from disparate places. There’s a brilliant diagram over at Flowtown which helps put into perspective not just how many different social networking sites there are, but how many people are using them. How many countries on the map have you visited? Click on the image below to view an enlarged version.

The 2010 Social Networking Map

The 2010 Social Networking Map

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An app for everything and everything with an app

There are apps for everything: calendars, calculators, alarm clocks to wake you up, global time zone converters, apps for blogging or microblogging, for checking your email or Facebook, for getting the score in the latest football game or checking out what’s happening in your local library. In fact, there are more apps than you could poke a stick at, and more are being developed everyday. Check out this great infographic about all about apps from MBA Online.

Apps online Via: MBA Online

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Welcome to the Internet age

Where the average U.S. citizen spends up to 68 hours per month using the Internet both at home and at work (with almost 5 and a half hours spent using Facebook),  a statistic that is rapidly catching up to TV viewing time.

Where there were approximately 8.4 million active internet subscribers in Australia (as at the end of June 2009, according to the ABS).

Where broadband access has been declared a legal right in Finland, with providers having to supply all users with access speeds of at least 1 Mbps, with the aim of increasing speeds up to 100 Mbps by 2015.

What’s next for connectivity? How else will Internet usage impact on our habits and lifestyles?