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Want to stay up to date with what’s happening in the world of cataloguing? Then head over to the cataloguing motherlode, Planet Cataloguing. Planet Cataloguing is a blog that aggregates almost 60 blogs on cataloguing and metadata all in the one spot, wtih a handy RSS feed to save you from having to subscribe to, or check, all of those other places to stay up to date. Three cheers for things that make life easier!


Swine flu

Pigs protect themselves in Adelaide's Rundle Mall (va email)

Pigs protect themselves in Adelaide's Rundle Mall (via email)

With the recent outbreak of swine flu and the overload of information available from so many information channels, including over 10,000 tweets on Twitter per hour, what is the best way to keep track of what’s happening? Over at Mashable, there’s an interesting article suggesting a few ways to manage the information as it comes to hand.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US is embracing Web 2.0 technologies to spread the word and has a full run down of the 101 ways in which you can get information about the swine flu outbreak from them (including widgets, e-cards, podcasts and video feeds, RSS and mobile updates to name just a few).

You can also find the latest official Australian government responses to the outbreak on the Department of Health and Ageing’s website, as well as the latest updates.

The World Health Organization is also updating information daily on its website, and mapping the spread of the disease (example of the spread from the WHO, 5 April 2009) .