An exploration of the stereotype

A stereotypical female librarian with requisite tattoo

A stereotypical male librarian charms without tattoos

What do most people think of when you say “librarian”? Let me guess – nerdy, bookish type, glasses, some form of knitted garment … for the females, add to this the inevitable string of pearls and potentially hair swept up in a neat, tight bun. There may also be cats involved.

But how did that stereotype proliferate? The media, of course. Print, online, in movies and on TV shows.

But just how closely does this stereotype actually represent people working in the library sector? Well, I’ll let those of you in library land judge for yourselves. For those of you who aren’t in the industry, or who just want to find out more, you could do some further investigation using the wealth of information available over at Cool Spotters about the way librarians have been portrayed in movies.


What does your online reputation say about you?

What information do you share online? How could it impact your future? Want to find out?

Lukily for you, those Common Craft folk have been at it again and have produced a short video about protecting your online reputation.