Glastonbury Festival goes social

The Glastonbury Festival, a long running music and performing arts festival (this year’s Festival is the 40th), has embraced social media this year. The Festival has its own blog and also developed an interactive mobile app. to help attendees plan and navigate their way around, and make sure they saw all of the hottest acts in the lineup. During the festival, a HUGE photo of festival goers (around 70,000 people) was snapped and is now being tagged via Facebook. Mashable have labelled the enormous photo tagging effort as a Where’s Waldo for the digital age” – tag yourself, tag your friends … if you can find them! So far just over 2,500 individuals have been tagged.


Music for librarians 2

What do the library tech people at code4lib listen too. Why this.

I listen to 4 of their choices, some I won’t even comment on. I am assuming these are nice tech people who work in/with libraries and are not generally librarians, just saying.

When music and technology collide

Is there anything the new iPhone can’t do? Apparently not. It can even be used, in combination, to form an orchestra of sorts.

That’s right, an iPhone orchestra. And one at Stamford, no less! The orchestra perform by using their iPhones with the Ocarina, which is an electronic musical instrument “sensitive to your breath, touch and movements”, and which also has inbuilt GPS functionality to allow you to locate and play with other users.  The orchestra describe thier performance technique:

MoPhO’s interactive musical works take advantage of the unique technological capabilities of today’s hardware and software, transforming multi-touch screens, built-in accelerometers, built-in microphones, GPS, data networks, and computation into powerful and yet mobile chamber meta-instruments.

There are a few videos from their most recent performance available for viewing over at Mashable.

There is also another group of iPhone performers, the Zaboura Eichstaedt Experience, who have staged a number of performances and are currently touring Germany. Check out their performance (12 iPhone performers with 2 drummers) which utilises another iPhone app. called Bloom, developed by Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers.