Facebook fellows

Following a recent call for fellows to investigate issues related to social media, Facebook has revealed their successful fellowship candidates. The fellows will investigate issues such as

crowdsourced online help, the structure of networks, information disclosure, online advertising and data analysis.

One of the successful fellows, Parmit Chilana, is currently working towards her PhD  in information science, having already gained her master’s degree in library and information science. Parmit will investigate ways of of utilising crowdsourcing as a means to supply in-built support for web applications.


Etiquette for librarians

Being a librarian is hard work. Your skills are under constant scrutiny, whether you are on the front line dealing with clients or cataloguing your library’s newest works in readiness for circulation.

So how can you be the best librarian you can be? Take heart from the clever suggestions and observations over at A librarian’s guide to etiquette. Afterall,

Your proficiency as a librarian can be measured solely through your ability to un-jam a printer without getting toner on your hands.

An exploration of the stereotype

A stereotypical female librarian with requisite tattoo

A stereotypical male librarian charms without tattoos

What do most people think of when you say “librarian”? Let me guess – nerdy, bookish type, glasses, some form of knitted garment … for the females, add to this the inevitable string of pearls and potentially hair swept up in a neat, tight bun. There may also be cats involved.

But how did that stereotype proliferate? The media, of course. Print, online, in movies and on TV shows.

But just how closely does this stereotype actually represent people working in the library sector? Well, I’ll let those of you in library land judge for yourselves. For those of you who aren’t in the industry, or who just want to find out more, you could do some further investigation using the wealth of information available over at Cool Spotters about the way librarians have been portrayed in movies.

Librarian app shushes for you

See this previous post about Quiet in the Library .

Well look technology solves all problems (as usual) here is an Iphone or Itouch application to shush for you

See more info about it Here It’s free!


You have also got to get this app http://appshopper.com/games/the-librarian

The library opened, people come to library to see. Please specify each person sitting at a table, remember to look at each individual book, showed him, you will get the appropriate money. Earn money, you can buy more books, customers will be more time through the book, then the income will increase. You can also buy a table or a chair, so that more people will be reading at the same time,Increase revenue.

Librarianship game that seems to revolve around money, how strange and otherwordly!

sad librarian with no oneyPictured – One sad librarian with no money

Ssh! the musical

Well, almost … Katie Pearl, the daughter of the library world’s most famous action figure, Nancy Pearl, in collaboration with performance partner Lisa D’Amour and Emily Johnson, is staging a work called “Terrible things” which promises to take the audience “inside the many lives of Katie Pearl and her action-figure literary mom”.

Terrible things

Terrible things forms part of a series running at New York’s Performance Space 122 which seeks to explore “the role and ramifications of contemporary performance as a mode of articulating scientific theory and expressing our human experience of the laws and mysteries of the physical universe.” Terrible things does this by “exploring the multiverse though personal narrative, particle physics, and a shifting “set” of 600 marshmallows that stand in for particles, potential energy, and the sub-atomic realm.” Take a sneak peek.