HTML5 – it’s coming, hopefully soon

Last call for comments on the new W3C revision of HTML5 are at:

My goodness, I wish it would hurry up and be accepted. With HTML5 there possibly will be no more Flash nightmares with your browser, as tags for audio, video and other multimedia content are included. We are talking about a possible end to plug-ins, as we know them. Can you imagine how cool that is going to be for web developers, web users and most of all web archivists!

Google are leading the way on this, and Chrome is therefore already compliant in some HTML5 components. As Google own YouTube, it is already in Beta with its HTML5 implementation, you can try it here: You will need to be using Chrome (or IE with an add-on) as your browser.

You may also like to check out Vimeo’s HTML5 page at:

Here is the list of tags, new and deprecated in HTML5.