Historic ALA posters

ALA poster

This 1921 poster from the ALA is very nice.

On one hand it very much fits into the US self improvement  through independent study ethos, as popularised by Andrew Carnegie and to some extent by Ayn Rand – though of course Randians these days don’t like any public services. The worker here is supposedly improving his chances at getting better employment by reading.

It could of course also be seen as an example of Communist/Anarchist art within the noble worker paradigm. The worker studying revolutionary literature to improve everybody’s chances at getting better employment.

Either way, I like the use of the term power within the poster. Whether it is a person’s individual potential or the power of the working class as a whole, it works.

This was brought to my attention by this article http://gizmodo.com/read-to-win-the-war-13-vintage-posters-promoting-ameri-1481958684 which also links to the originals.

For an interesting comparison here is a soviet poster from 1920, which says ‘Knowledge breaks the chains of slavery’

soviet poster


ALA National Library Week

“… public libraries provide equitable access to information of all kinds. With information comes knowledge and the possibility to learn and achieve, the opportunity to work and advance, and the power to participate in the democratic process.”

It is Library Week in the US of A. Check out the publicity resources here.

Neil Gaiman is featured as he is the honorary chair of the Week.

Listen to him speak the profoundest wisdom ….
“Libraries are as important as anything gets”

And then as you listen you can picture him in his personal Library here.