Sport – it is a thing

Here are some things about that thing, that relate to Australian collections or management – in case you wanted some quick sports reference help. They come from this conference paper Sports archives and collections in Australia which has some links at the end, to save you opening the document here they are:

National Sport Information Centre, Australian Sports Commission
Davis Sporting Collection (State Library of New South Wales)
Tom Brock Collection (State Library of New South Wales)
MV Anderson Chess Collection (State Library of Victoria)
History of the Paralympic Movement in Australia (Australian Paralympic Committee)
Olympic and Paralympic games digital archive (National Library of Australia)
Athletics in Australia, 1890- (Paul Jenes, Peter Hamilton, David Tarbotton, Fletcher McEwen and work from Bert Gardiner)
Empire Games, Sydney, 1938 (National Archives of Australia)
Olympic Games, Melbourne, 1956 (National Archives of Australia)
Australian Centre for Paralympic Studies Oral History Project (National Library of Australia)
National Sports Museum
Australian Centre for Olympic Studies
Orange City Council Sporting Hall of Fame
Picture Australia – sport (National Library of Australia)
Australian Rules Football (State Library of Victoria)
Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games (Powerhouse Museum)
Clearinghouse for Sport (Australian Sports Commission)
Criteria for Judging Heritage Significance, Australian Sports Commission
Heritage Significance Assessment of Objects, Australian Sports Commission
Sport Australia Hall of Fame
NSW Hall of Champions
Australian Society for Sports History
There are a number of people tagging sport in TROVE, here is an example


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