Federal Election 2013

During the last (2010) federal election, ALIA sent each of the parties a set of 10 questions seeking their views on library related issues, such as digitisation, funding, the NBN, school librarians etc. The parties responses are still available at: http://www.alia.org.au/election2010/
The Greens unsurprisingly responded well and agreed generally with ALIA’s policy directions. The Coalition agreed with many but said that economic imperatives prevented them from making any new spending commitments. The Labor response however, was laughable and seemed to have been written by a child intern. Even though, at that time, the ALP had a very good story to tell of building very many new school libraries and of developing fantastic open government initiatives its response was stunningly bad and one of the questions was even answered solely by recourse to plagiarism. See this earlier post.
This coming election, we will await again the library and information related policies from political parties. Hopefully this time, some of them will treat the questions and the sector with more interest.

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