New Library in Geelong

News from Geelong

Geelong Regional Library chief executive Patti Manolis said libraries were moving with the times from collection-based facilities to a multi-purpose spaces.

The Waurn Ponds Library was designed to meet the needs of both the traditional and modern library users, with computers, internet access, e-readers, iPads and yes, books.

 “We really feel that it’s our role to provide an educative time for the community to be able to transition to this new world of books,” Ms Manolis said.

“Libraries will always be there it’s just that the formats are going to be changing now to an electronic base.

“But what we’re able to do with 1000 square metres here is to be able to provide something for everybody.”

While many people still preferred the traditional “dead tree” books that have lined library shelves for centuries, Ms Manolis said communities were turning to the digital reading revolution.


I believe Geelong was one of the major towns to lose its A&R and Borders bookshops, luckily there is this new library.


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