Amazon lending library

Amazon was already lending ebooks from libraries, now via Kindle and Prime (its US$79 annual membership scheme) it is lending books for free (aside from the afore mentioned membership) see the Amazon page for more details.





2 thoughts on “Amazon lending library

  1. Yep, very interesting comments from Sarah, I posted them earlier ( I completely agree with her that Overdrive, Amazon etc. are screwing libraries. But I contend this is only happening because libraries have not had the foresight to make library consortia deals with publishers or authors themselves and so are throwing money, opportunity and reader allegiance to commercial vendors or retailers.

    As to competition, I think they will be major competition, even at one book a month. Considering the nature of library use, there are many casual users of libraries who would read a book a month and would find this service useful and, given the simplicity of borrowing offered, a very attractive option.

    We really are entering, if we are not careful, a position where those with economic means will just use commercial subscription libraries, whilst the poor are going to be left with few libraries and fewer books. It is happening in the US and UK, we would be wise to take note here.

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