Farewell to the NLA – hello to the new world

Today is the last day of work at the National Library for Kristy Fox an esteemed contributor to this blog. Kristy is moving to Melbourne to work at Ebook Library, a vendor providing ebooks to academic, research, government and corporate libraries. See their brochure.

Of the original founders of this blog who are still contributing, there is now only one still working at the National Library. This shows a number of things:

  • The National Library continues to lose its skilled library professionals, due to its management practices and lack of career advancement opportunities
  • Professional librarians continue to move outside of traditional library roles seeking improved opportunities and a chance to broaden their skills
  • The National Library continues to lead in big technology items like Trove, but its traditional services including reference, special collections, research, publishing, collection development, description and classification as well as its online services are more comparable to those of a small country museum than a national library

We do hope that the National Library finds its way, in the mean time, its former librarians wherever they work, will continue to better promote the core aims of librarianship elsewhere.

If you want to discuss ebook licensing, Kristy can be contacted at: kristy.fox@ebooks.com


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