New LIS discussion paper


The third of a series of discussion papers exploring future directions for Australian library and information science (LIS) education has been published by the Re-conceptualising and re-positioning Australian library and information science education for the twenty-first century research project.  


In recent years there has been an expansion of the information profession to be more broadly defined as information management and to include knowledge management. The literature shows an increasing range and diversity of employment opportunities within the information field from the late 1908s. Although a majority of LIS graduates still go into library positions, an increasing proportion of graduates is taking up newer information roles, or revamped roles in traditional contexts. An LIS qualification provides important generic skills that can be readily adapted to non-traditional environments.


Aside from the typos and grammar, I can’t see any real points of discussion in the paper, like the previous paper it tells us what we basically knew, though I suppose it is good to have it actually studied.

Librarians will stay librarians no matter where they work, and our skills make us well placed for jobs in the growing areas of IKM and IG.



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