Australian cyber safety – good news

The DBCDE has published its Australian Children’s Cyber-safety and E-Security Project—report on the results of a parents’ survey

An excellent document which goes quite a long way to refuting the need for an Internet filter.

As ALIA and the entire Internet industry has stated, to protect the young from Internet crime requires, education and parental involvement. Not censorship, and unworkable censorship at that.

This survey shows that 80% of parents are somewhat or well informed about cyber-safety issues, and that over 80% of parents had talked with their children about online safety and had instituted some controls.

There were apparently some regional and NESB sectors where education needs to be improved, but on the whole they survey depicts an educated and aware population, capable of moderating risk. I would think that the influence and education provided by public libraries is responsible for much of that.


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