Al-Assad National Library

The Al Assad National Library (National Library of Syria) in Damascus, is a beautiful building with a large collection. There are only 2 things wrong with it, firstly it carries the name of a murderous dictator and secondly it and its website collects and publicly promotes the vilest anti-Jewish conspiracy documents.

Let us hope that when (rather than if) the younger Assad is toppled that its name and collecting policy are improved, by their omissions.

In Egypt, the head Librarian of the National Library at Alexandria was a leading supporter of the pro-Democracy movement that ousted Mubarak. The libraries of Egypt generally had some autonomy and were not part of the aparatus of oppression. In Syria however the national library is an offence to the world of librarianship and to intellectual freedom, we as a profession should hope that change comes soon.


2 thoughts on “Al-Assad National Library

  1. I agree that it sound pretty full on. But shouldn’t they collect this material? Even if it is offensive?

  2. Should they collect it? Does the NLA or other normalised national libraries scour the world for anti-Jewish publications? and then deliver them online?
    Certainly they can collect their own national publications, but from elsewhere?

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