Google eBookstore launched

What you need to know about the new Google eBookstore

  • You can’t buy anything yet if you are accessing the eBookstore from outside the US
  • You can get access to the 2.8m free books (older out of copyright books in the main)
  • You could access the website via a proxy which made it look as though you were in the US so you can buy books, if you really wanted to buy books
  • The prices for purchased books are comparable to other online bookstores, it’s not a cheaper alternative
  • The service provides ebooks in multiple formats and for multiple devices (except Kindle)
  • The books are accessible via the cloud or for download
  • Google will remember where you where in which book across different delivery platforms (so you can start on the web and continue via a mobile device)
  • The books have page numbers – yay for citation
  • Some books have DRM where the publisher has required it

and the video


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