How much does it cost to run a library?

When you start thinking about all of the things that you need to run a library – expert staff, collection items, access to databases, IT and other infrastructure etc – you realise that it’s probably going to cost a bit. And when you multiply that by the number of libraries there are, the mind begins to boggle.

But how much does it really cost? There’s a great post over at Use libraries and learn stuff which looks at the cost of UK public libraries to the general public in return for the services that they offer. And asks, rather pointedly, the reason why people would think to cut public library services:

So if you think your local library shouldn’t be funded because you haven’t used it in a while, think of it this way: would you want the government to close your local hospital because you’ve been healthy for a while?

Libraries are a valuable community resource and this article goes a long way into detailing the reasons why.


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