Library top tens for 2010

Herewith are two contributions to the ALIA top ten initiative at:

Top ten reasons why it is great to be a librarian on 10/10/10.

  1. Librarians are the information professionals in the ‘information age’
  2. Librarians #1 role is still to help people
  3. Technology is allowing librarians to disseminate information wider and faster than ever before
  4. Librarianship skills are now required across a wide spectrum of professions, not just in libraries
  5. Librarians can work in libraries (with other librarians!)
  6. Librarians get to spend all day online (mostly)
  7. Librarianship is an exciting ever changing and expanding science
  8. Librarians and their libraries create community
  9. Librarians get the chance to work with knowledge, information and data
  10. Librarians (mostly) “don’t be evil”


Top ten names used for Libraries for 10/10/10.

  1. Library
  2. Information Centre / Center
  3. e-library
  4. Knowledge Centre / Center
  5. Information Resource Centre / Center
  6. Community Resource Centre / Center
  7. Learning Centre / Center
  8. Ideas Store
  9. Knowledge and Learning Centre / Center
  10. Cybrary

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