Worlds first airport library

Airport Library

Photograph copyright Sander Stoepker

Now open to travellers the Luchthaven Schiphol bibliotheek, a library in an airport.

This library, with literature, music and movies, is a joint and unique initiative [between] Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Dutch Public Libraries. The Airport Library, [is] the first library that opens in an airport. Schiphol is the first airport [in which] passengers can read books in 29 languages, listen [to] music, movies, and view Free download[s].

The content of the Airport Library comes from the collection of the Dutch Public Libraries and is particularly special for its offer of Dutch literature. – from report here

The library is aimed both at serving those travelling with an oasis of relaxation and information, but will also serve to promote Dutch culture. What an excellent idea it is. It would be nice if this idea could be extended to large train stations here as well as airports. Really there is no place that couldn’t be improved by a library.

The Library boasts:

■Area approx.90m2
■11 seats at the reading table; including 4 with iPads
■14 comfortable seats, including 5 with iPads
■Approximately 1.250 books
■One large screen with changing, thematic photo shows
■TankU download station
■The library is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
■The library is unstaffed

Unstaffed, hmm, so like a library, but not really a library. Maybe we can call it the first airport library building, as I think you do actually need librarians to make a library – just saying.


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