Election roundup

So the election is over. All commentators have seemingly agreed that although the public extensively used the Internet to converse, comment and campaign, the parties in the main were absent from the process.

There still does not seem to be a way that political parties can successfully use the Internet to their advantage as a medium to communicate to the electorate.

But then again, those few politicians who do use the Internet well, do not seem to be guaranteed any great electoral success. So maybe the role of this medium is not one that is conducive to electioneering.

So to the result, as seen through the prism of librarians. Given the parties standings, we can expect a windfall of development, infrastructure and aid to regional Australia. One part of that will probably be the NBN which will be rolled out to country areas post haste.
On the part of libraries, this is an opportunity to expand their roles in these areas, to be part of the regeneration of rural Australia. To be the hubs of information and education.
Having been in Queensland this past few days, I can see that already there are libraries outside of metropolitan areas that in quality of services already far outstrip those available in most Australian cities.
The new political make-up may be an opportunity for libraries that comes only rarely.

Broadbeach public library

Your correspondent in Queensland


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