Is it only me who noticed that Answer 6 of the Labor Party policy response to ALIA released today, was actually first written by the Australian School Library Association at: http://www2.curriculum.edu.au/scis/connections/electronic_resources_australia__school_libraries.html

Below is the ALP response, see if you can see the similarities

6. Will your party provide funding for the purchase of quality digital content for all Australians through the Electronic Resources Australia project?

Electronic Resources Australia (ERA) is a service to all libraries in Australia so that all Australians may have access to more databases and electronic information resources.

ERA started in 2007 and by 2009 there were 646 schools across Australia participating, as well as public schools and special libraries, tertiary institutions and state libraries. The subscription amount for each electrical resource database is determined by the number of subscribers/libraries who participate each year.

Approximately 7,000,000 Australians are served by libraries that subscribe to resources through ERA.

In 2009 the ERA, product panel was expanded from 9 to 25 products. There were also changes to the subscription periods. Libraries now have the ability to subscribe for a calendar year, which allows schools to work more easily within their budget periods.

ERA is, and will continue to be, the best value for money subscription service to the selected databases and any further databases that may be included in the future. While the poll is the mechanism to determine the cost of each data bases for the following year, it is possible to subscribe through the ERA without having participated in the poll. The greater the participation in each polling period – which usually opens in March and closes in April of each year – the greater the possibility of reduction of subscriptions.


One thought on “Policy?

  1. What an embarrassment – clearly they have delegated to some volunteer who has spent an hour wildly plagiarising like a first year Bachelor of Arts student. Mistaking electric for electronic, and digital TV for digitization – excruciating to read. Pathetic!

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