Kogan ebook reader

A new ‘Australian’ and cheap ebook reader is being offered for sale from Kogan. It is noteworthy for:

supporting 16 eBook file formats our product allows you to sync with Adobe Digital Editions to manage your eBooks downloaded or purchased from any store. EPUB, HTML, PDF, TXT, RTF and many more are supported by the Kogan eBook Reader

They are also offering 1500 free ebooks to start your collection. There are a large number of Australian works within them.

Most of the books are by past ‘popular’ authors, and all are old enough to be out of copyright. Many are obscure, but there are three very good books:

Thomas Wolfe – Look Homeward, Angel (1929)
Thomas Wolfe – Of Time and The River (1935)
Thomas Wolfe – You Can’t Go Home Again (1947)

Not sure if this will be the final tipping point for e-book readers here in Australia, but being open format, it should be considered as an option for libraries looking to buy readers for their users.


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