Election collecting

Every election campaign produces ephemeral materials – pamphlets, posters, letters and assorted mailouts, websites, advertising – but how do we preserve this material for the future? In a number of ways, it seems. The National Library has been active in collecting and preserving election materials including the websites of election campaigns on Pandora and emphemera generated by candidates in the ephemera collection (material from elections from 1901 to 2007 are findable using the collection finding aid).

The Library will also be going on another collection hunt for material around the 2010 Federal election. The Library aims to collect one copy of all leaflets, handbills, policy, posters, speeches, press statements, pamphlets, letters and reports to constituents and how-to-vote cards, in other words the publicity published by candidates and parties. It also aims to collect items from lobby groups on key election issues such as mining, health, education, the environment and climate change.

The Library is particularly interested in material from marginal electorates, communities with concerns about health services, the mining industry and climate-effected regions as well as the out-lying areas of Queensland, Tasmania, Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory.  If you or your friends and/or relatives in these areas have access to this material, you can forward it for inclusion in the national collection to:

ATTN: Janey Wallace, Ephemera Officer

(Federal Election Campaign Ephemera)

Australian Collection Development Unit

National Library of Australia

Parkes Place


If you have any queries about the Library’s election collecting for 2010, please forward them to: acd@nla.gov.au

If you would like to suggest an election website for archival in PANDORA you can use the registration form at: http://pandora.nla.gov.au/registration_form.html or send an email to: webarchive@nla.gov.au

The National Library isn’t the only one collecting election material. Launched earlier today by Open Australia, the Election Leaflets website offers you a way to keep up to date with election pamphlets from around Australia and even get invovled by adding your own from your local political candidates!


3 thoughts on “Election collecting

  1. Thanks, Henare! That’s good to know 🙂

    The Museum of Australian Democracy and the Australian Electoral Commission Library are also collecting material, too, so I hear.

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