Hashtags and collection fishing…

I was really excited to discover this morning in my twitterfeed an interesting hash tag for #collectionfishing.

The tag related to a post by the Australian War Memorial about a photograph of Gladys. The AWM’s tweet was reflecting on the tragic story behind the image of the young woman held in their collection. The catalogue record explains that the “photograph of a young woman named ‘Gladys’ found in the wallet taken from the pocket of 3009 Private Clarence James ‘Jim’ Brill after he was killed in 1917.”

For more of Gladys and Jim’s story have a look at the notes field in the catalogue record.

And if you want to while away a few hours diving in and out of Australian collections about the place have a look at#collectionfishing.


One thought on “Hashtags and collection fishing…

  1. A beautiful image that evokes such a poignant story. I’m so glad that #collectionfishing delivered it to you!

    #collectionfishing is open to anyone who likes to linger in online collections. The more the merrier!

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