Are you LibPunk? there is no test, but you could go along to here and see whether you fit in.
The term LibPunk originated a while ago with a blog post by Australian librarian Kathryn Greenhill, and as such we salute it.

LibPunk logo
Punk originally was a do-it-yourself cultural phenomenon, librarianship today may have more in common with the later anarcho-punk, which promoted the benefits of autonomy, freedom and community. Librarians (and I am being stereotypical here) promote community, self-education and freedom of access to information and entertainment. So there are some similarities. However, it should be remembered that almost all librarians are employed by the state at some level and as such are part of the state apparatus, which is decidedly un-punk. Unless you believe the state is a representation of community rather than an oppressive behemoth.

There are, I am sure, other non political aspects of punk that some librarians can aspire to, with unconventional dress and body art. I don’t know how that applies to librarianship or punk though as concepts.

I think if anything, LibPunk should signify an attitude of activism, not necessarily political activism. Punk in the final analysis was about engagement and action, it was people forming bands, zines and fashion for and by themselves, it was about being the creator and not the passive consumer. Librarians can and should continue to promote a creator culture, the first role of which is to provide free (at the point of access) knowledge and access to all the means of media currently extant.


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