Google goggles

What is Google goggles? It’s a Google developed application that utilises the camera on your mobile device and uses Google search to cross reference the image (which might be something like a landmark) to give you more information about it. It’s early days for this product but it’s an innovative step giving people the ability to query the world around them.

Currently in beta testing but close enough to being released that Google have already demonstrated the next stage of development in this product, Google goggles is moving into the world of mobile translation. Use your phone’s camera to take a picture of text you want translated, web connectivity to send the image which will be run through an OCR process, translated by the Google translate tool and the translation neatly sent back to your phone.

Whilst the current beta version is only translating German to English, it’s bringing the universal translator one step closer to reality.


3 thoughts on “Google goggles

  1. Cool, I wonder if the technology could be used on a Google Android phone, you could then run the phone over the text and get it translated back to you almost instantly

  2. heh, I spose I should have watched the video first, but I hates to watch the videos (especially at work), but anyway, I thought that it really was actually going to be about goggles. Now I feel foolish, however great idea I had and look they have put it into practice already!

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