Newspapers today

A new report entitled: Newspapers Today Part 2: Print & Online was published yesterday. It seeks to show that newspapers remain relevant in the digital age. But only in so far as they have digital surrogates. There remains an interest in the paper format (though it is still declining) but it seems that the digital versions are retaining the newspaper branding and allegiance.

The below graphic from the paper shows that newspapers retain high visibility as trusted brands. What it also shows incidentally is how quickly other brands such as Apple, YouTube and Google have become adopted as household brands. Google has been around (at only since 1997 but already has almost the same brand awareness as newspapers such as the SMH which has been around since 1831, which is remarkable. Consider also that YouTube is owned by Google and you get some idea of their success in becoming the mainstream reference point for information access and entertainment for Australians.

I shudder to think where Libraries would be on this scale, knowing for instance that of all searches for information (even inside a library) 97% will start with a search engine such as Google.


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