Privacy 2.0

You’ve heard it all before: there’s a fine balance to be struck between sharing personal information and oversharing information that might put you at risk.

A large proportion of people use social media and, in doing so, give up some degree of their privacy. But is is a choice. In return for giving their information to a website/organisation, they get something in return – a service, the ability to see what other people have shared and to continue sharing information with others as freely, or as restricted, as they choose. Well, that’s the theory – of course this is somewhat dependent on the terms and conditions written into the service that you’re using. The Economist points out that there is a continued tension between the service provider (for example, Facebook) and their users in what kinds of information should be available and to whom (to only certain people selected by the user, to only friends, to friends of friends, to external application providers etc).

Over on the Facebook blog, there’s an interesting piece with snippets from a range of privacy professionals from around the globe that is well worth a read.

If you’re concerned about your privacy, and where your online information is going, look for the terms and conditions on their site or contact the service provider directly and, while you’re at it, check out the Australian Office of the Privacy Commissioner’s website which has some great information about your rights and private information.


One thought on “Privacy 2.0

  1. It’s a debate we will continue to have. I tend towards the argument that privacy has changed (see Zuckerberg’s view) and that we are moving to the form of a global village (by means of in a village everyone knows everyone’s business) in which case private information loses some of it’s value and does not need such protection. Sharing information also in itself is a good thing, as it entails sharing content. Using the Internet and all its benefits should entail some form of reciprocity, whereby if you view/use content provided by others, you have somewhat of a responsibility to add to the general pool. This addition may be your thoughts, opinions, creative works, humour, whatever, or it may just be some information about yourself, either way it all adds up to the great resource that the Internet is. Without people sharing there is no content.

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