Riding the Wave

Currently in the Google test shed is Google Wave, a new hosted integrated communications suite. It is designed to facilitate real time communication and incorporates features such as email, calendars/scheduling with mutliple participants, link and file sharing as well as in-line editing of documents by multiple users. It also has a “playback” feature so that users who join the “wave” (the name for each communication) at a later stage in the conversation can be brought quickly up to speed with the wave’s history.

Google Wave has a range of developer built gadgets and bots that can assist users in riding the wave. For example, there are bots to interface with other services (such as Twitter), or ones that can translate text in real time. You can even publish directly from your wave to your (Blogger) blog and repsonses to your wave (on the blog or in-wave) will automatically update in both the wave and blog spaces.  More information about these features can be seen in this video.

The code behind Google Wave will be made open source to encourage further user-driven enchancements.


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