New article by Stephen Abram on Web 2.0 and librarians

While the article is somewhat a sales pitch for his firm SirsiDynix I did like the overall tone and the exposition of the idea of Librarian 2.0, which reminds us that Web 2.0 is all about us as contrivbutors it is not a top down technology, but an opening to allow us (all users) to share and contribute.


What is truly exciting is that Web 2.0 is just the title of a conversation. There is no standard (at least not just a single one). We can all participate and influence the development of the next generation of the Web. To the detail oriented, this conversation may be too high in the stratosphere without enough concrete recommendations, and to the theoretically inclined, it may remain too visionary for real implementation. Among all of us, it is worth following. Web 2.0 is probably the series title of the most important conversation of our age – and one whose impacts can be truly transformational on a global scale.”


1 thought on “New article by Stephen Abram on Web 2.0 and librarians

  1. It is also interesting, in that while the document of OneSource is dated Tuessday, December 9, one of the bottom paragraphs of it states,

    “Lastly, we have pretty high security standards, but we don’t think they’re high enough, especially in today’s challenging systems environments. Horizon 8.0 and Corinthian will be released in 2006 and have much higher security and two-way encryption standards. Unicorn 3.X has plans to implement higher security options as well.

    While this list is largely focused on the systems librarian’s needs, it does provide a foundation for Library 2.0 for end-users as long as we have Librarian 2.0 in place.” (One Source, Tuessday, Dec 9, 2008).

    Clearly Abram is re-using material, here. SirsiDynix *was* the leader with the 8x product, but they managed to kill that product two years ago. Do we take from this that they now want to bring it back, or do we imply that Abram hasn’t quite read his drafts?

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