Banned from Facebook for odd name

Facebook users with even slightly unusual names beware: your account can be suspended by the site’s draconian administrators without warning and your personal information held to ransom until you show them a government-issued ID.

An interesting read for Facebook users. We tend to forget that the corporation owns everything we post on their site, and they can cancel our access at any time, for any reason.

Read about it at the SMH.

95,000,000 Strong For Elmo Keep’s Facebook Reinstatement


One thought on “Banned from Facebook for odd name

  1. That is true.. but you forgot your right incase your name was real…. no matter how odd it was you’re not obligated to show them your ID and sue Facebook.. and get filthy rich since you have that as real name..

    Now why are you not obligated to show ID?
    Facebook is not the police! and the only official people who can DEMAND some Identification card, or proof are governmental agents, police officers and ONLY under certain circumstances..

    =) I don’t believe you have missed that chance dude…

    But it’s ok.. I really like Zuck.. so I wouldn’t tell you your rights if it wasn’t late by now 😉

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