Melbourne IT Company ExitReality Launches 3D Browser

See this article on the launch of the 3D Internet browser in The Australian’s IT section:

Melbourne-based software developer ExitReality has created software that can be quickly downloaded to computers and that converts standard two-dimensional web pages into virtual rooms.

Individual web users are then shown as avatars (virtual people) in the same way as people are featured in virtual games.

ExitReality founder Danny Stefanic said users of the software, which ran in tandem with popular browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox, would be “blown away” by the rendering of traditional two-dimensional web pages as full interactive 3D environments.

“It is the entire web in 3D — making 40 billion virtual worlds — and it will instantly transform 2D content into 3D.”

Early reviews are in from Whirlpool.  Geeks were not pleased. Early bugs in the
program turned their broadband into dial-up (nooooooooooooo!). Was it
all worth it for a ‘reborn Second Life’?

See the introductory video from the ExitReality homepage here, if you dare.  Warning: It’s a bit tedious.  I downloaded the browser, which is really just an add-on for Firefox or IE, because I was curious.

Here’s what the NLA’s homepage looks like in 3D mode:

It certainly does have the feel of Second Life about it, of which, as I’ve already mentioned I don’t really see the appeal. You can download the new and improved browser free from the homepage and try it for yourself. It’s minutes of fun for the whole family. You know you want to!


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